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Meet the author:

AnneLene Johnsen is an internationally bestselling author, sown and grown in Norway, Europe. She writes about life, mind mastering and other things that matters with insights from life in Scandinavia – including wonderwhite snow, brainyblack coffee and cats of all colors. Her books have been translated to many other languages. Now she writes for the English speaking market. 

Book on the way:

"The sound of awe"

And six other short stories with a Scandinavian touch for the English speaking reader

What is so special about Scandinavia? Well, apart from beautiful nature, good skiers and continuously being crowned as some of the happiest countries in the world, we also have three more letters in our alphabet. And we have some words the English language do not have. In The sound of awe I share some of them, together with, hopefully, some of the atmosphere from my part of the globe.

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